Books on Rodents!


Beavers :

Where Waters Run (Northword Wildlife Series)
by Paul I. V. Strong


Chinchillas :
How to Take Care of Them and Understand Them
by Maike Roder-Thiede, Gyorgy Jankovics (Illustrator), Thiede Maike Roder

(Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
by Maike Roder-Thiede,
Christine Steimer (Photographer), Johann Brandstetter

Chinchillas a Complete Introduction
by Jack C. Harris


by Henwood

Chipmunk Family
(Wildlife Conservation Society Books)
by Lois Brunner Bastian

Guide to Owning Chipmunks
by Chris Henwood


A Complete Introduction to Gerbils :
Completely Illustrated in Full Color
by M. Ostrow

by Paul Paradise

(Barrons Pet Owner's Manuals)
by Raymond Gudas

Gerbils (First Pets)
by Kate Petty

Gerbils As a Hobby (Save-Our-Planet)
by Laurie Holland

Gerbils As a New Pet
by Anmaire Barrie, Anmarie Barrie

Gerbils (Responsible Pet Care)
by Tina Hearne

Guide to Owning a Gerbil :
Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Exhibition, Health Care
(Re Series)
by Perry Putman

Taking Care of Your Gerbils
(A Young Pet Owner's Guide)
by Helen Piers

Hamsters (Dwarf)

Step by Step Book About Dwarf Hamsters

by Chris Henwood

Dwarf Hamsters : Pet Manual
(Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
by Sharon L. Vanderlip


Marmots : Social Behavior and Ecology
by David P. Barash


Biology of the House Mouse :
Symposia of the Zoological Society of London Number Forty Seven
by R. J. Berry

Fancy Mice
by Chris Henwood, Chris Wenwood

Mice : A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by Horst Bielfeld


The Biology of the Naked Mole-Rat
(Monographs in Behavior and Ecology)
by Paul W. Sherman, Jennifer U.M. Jarvis, Richard D. Alexander

African Mole-Rats :
Ecology and Eusociality
by Nigel C. Bennett, Chris G. Faulkes

Prairie Dogs

The Prairie Dog
(Life Cycles)
by Sabrina Crewe

Prairie Dog Pets
Pat Storer
Available at R-Zu-2-U

Prairie Dog Primer
Pat Storer
Available at R-Zu-2-U

The Black-Tailed Prairie Dog :
Social Life of a Burrowing Mammal
(Wildlife Behavior and Ecology) Hardcover
by John L. Hoogland
Paperback Edition

Rats (domesticated)

The Rat
: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet
(Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet)
by Ginger Cardinal

Rats for Those Who Care

by Susan Fox (Photographer), Michael Gilroy (Photographer),
Nick Mays (Photographer), rob Pearcy, Dennis Kelsey-Wood

: For Today's Pet Owner from the Publishers
of Critters USA Magazine (Fun & Care)
by Debbie Ducommun
#1 Best Selling NAPA Bookstore for 2nd Quarter
April 1, 1999 through June 30, 1999

#1 Best Selling NAPA Bookstore for 3rd Quarter 2001
July 1, 2001-September 30, 2001

Barron's Fancy Rats
(Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
by Gisela Bulla

My Pet Rat
(All About Pets)
by Arlene Erlbach, Andy King (Photographer)

The Proper Care of Fancy Rats
(Proper Care)
by Nick Mays

by Susan Fox

Rats : All About Selection, Husbandry, Nutrition,
Breeding and Diseases, With a Special Chapter on Understanding Rats
by Carol Himsel Daly, Karin Skogstad (Photographer), Carol A. Himsel

Rats (wild)

More Cunning Than Man:
A Social History of Rats and Man
by Robert Hendrickson
Paperback - 288 pages (February 1999)


Squirrels :

A Wildlife Handbook (Johnson Nature Series)
by Kim Long

North American Tree Squirrels
by Michael A. Steele, John L. Koprowski
(Oct 2001)

Nuts About Squirrels :
A Guide to Coexisting With--And Even Appreciating--
Your Bushy-Tailed Friends
by Richard E. Mallery


Diseases of Small Domestic Rodents
(Library of Veterinary Practice)
by V. C. G. Richardson

The Mouse : Its Reproduction and Development
by Roberts Rugh

The Mouse Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates
by Keith B. J. Franklin, George T. Paxinos (Contributor)

Photographic Atlas of the Rat Brain the Cell and Fiber Architecture
Illustrated in Three Planes With Stereotaxic Coordinates :
A Photographic Guide to
by Lawrence Kruger, Samuel Saporta, Larry W. Swanson

The Rat Nervous System
by George Paxinos (Editor)

The Rat Nervous System : An Introduction to Preparatory Techniques
by J. P. Cassella, J. Hay, S. J. Lawson (Contributor)


Small Pet Handbook
(Barron's Education Series.)
by David Taylor

Starting With Mice, Rats and Gerbils

(The Basic Pet Care Guide Series)
by Georg Gassner, David Alderton

The Ecology of Woodland Rodents : Bank Voles and Wood Mice
(Symposia of the Zoological Society of London, No 55)
by J. Gurnell, J.H.W. Gipps (Editor), Bank Voles, J. R. Flowerdew (Photographer)

From Pests to Pets :
How Small Mammals Became Our Friends
(Before They Were Pets)
by John Zeaman

The Guinea Pig :
Healing, Food, and Ritual in the Andes
by Edmundo Morales

Hamsters and Gerbils
(Hansen, Ann Larkin. Popular Pet Care.)
by Ann Larkin Hansen

The Handbook of Rodents in Captivity
by Chris Henwood

Life Underground :
The Biology of Subterranean Rodents
by Eileen A. Lacey (Editor), James L. Patton (Editor),
Guy N. Cameron (Editor)

A Petkeeper's Guide to Hamsters & Gerbils
by David Alderton

Welcome to the World of Porcupines
(Welcome to the World)
by Diane Swanson

Rodents of West Africa
by D. R. Rosevear

Rodents of the World
(Of the World Series)
by David Alderton, Bruce Tanner (Illustrator), Valerie Illingworth

Systematics of Mice of the Subgenus Akodon (Rodentia:
Cricetidae in Southern South America With the
Description of a New Species)
by Bruce D Patterson

If you don't see a certain exotic pet or related animal title, let me know and we will make an effort to include it. While some books are not specificly pet related, they are included as resources for researching diets or other captive care information.

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"Cavies or guinea-pigs make beautifully tame and gentle pets...The Dutch are said to have brought them to this country about two centuries ago from their colony Guiana, in South America, from which they are supposed to have got their popular name."

Phil Drabble - Pleasing Pets, 1975