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Exotic/Alternative Pets with their Best Friend!

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Misha and her mother Alis
Misha and her mother Alis
Brian and his Siberian Tiger, Sabrina

Brian and his Siberian Tiger, Sabrina

Ocoee and skunk
Ocoee and Neo (skunk)
Pique-A-Boo & Joon-Bug
Pique-A-Boo the prairie dog and his cat Joon-Bug
25-year-old pic of Sugar and Frita Bandita - Texas Mary
Sugar (cat)
Frita Bandita (raccoon)
Betty and Andy - From Betty Cahall
Betty Cahall (human)
Andy (2 year old Capuchin monkey)
Buffy Bobcat and Sneaker Alley Cat - from John Williamson
Buffy (Bobcat)

Sneaker (Alley Cat)
Jaspurr my first bengal kitten to leave home and his new buddy Beastie, a five foot female iguana - by Tracy Painter of Dancing Frog Ranch BengalsJaspurr
(bengal kitten) and

(a five foot female iguana)
Dog "Blue" and Skunk "Stink" - Michon
Blue (dog)
Stink (skunk)
Bobo and Bert - From Cheryl
BoBo (2 yr. old Bobcat)
and Bert (10 yr. old Siamese cat)
Also 7 month old bobcat and 1 1/2 year old siamese friends.

They both sleep with their human 'Cheryl' every day. Bert is definitely the 'alpha cat!'

Mako (domestic ferret)
Tiger (domestic shorthair cat)
Alces and Milo -   Submited by Johannah Brooks
Alces is a domestic cat
Milo is a Fennec Fox

I would like to thank everyone for their response to this page.
It is delightful to see such beautiful animals happily living together.

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