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Exotic/Alternative Pets with their Best Friend!

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Apachi (puma) and Dakota (bobcat) plus plushie friends.

Cindy and her human friend Robin.
(This one should be on a greeting card!)
Debbie and Sumo
Apachi (Puma) and his dog.
Hello, My name is Taz the silly Raccoon and this is my dog SallyMae..We would love to be on your Best Friends page...cause we are :)
Bo and his pet " D.S.T " Danish fore "The Siberian Tiger" Bo and I just call him Jacob. The picture was taken in Bo's British Land-Rover.

Gawa (serval) and Danielle (bobcat). They lived with Shirley Malar of Wild Ones Sanctuary.

Casey 'Coon is Pam's best friend!
Here is "best siblings"..Jaime and her "brother" CJ, 3 month old cinnamon

Paul and his best girl, Molly, a 7 year old capuchin.

Peggy Sue Lynx and Streaker Serval - from John Williamson
Peggy Sue (Lynx)
Streaker (Serval)
Diablo and Tyler
Diablo (degu)
Tyler (hooded domestic rat)

We are domesticated rats. Our names are Molly (hooded) and Elizabeth (Blue) .
Our Best friend is Joanne. She is a real rat lover and makes the absolute
BEST oatmeal!

Yellow lab, Jack Frost, and his playmate Meeko

I would like to thank everyone for their response to this page.
It is delightful to see such beautiful animals happily living together.

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