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Is your pet unconventional

Do people put you down because your pet isn’t a socially acceptable cat, dog or goldfish?
Do you prefer the companionship of a domestic ferret, sugar glider, hedgehog, gerbil, snake, lizard, prairie dog, domestic skunk, degu, wallaby, emu, parrot, millipede, llama, exotic cat, monkey or ? Do you have trouble finding information on how to properly keep your alternative pets? Is it hard to find veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups or even food and pet supplies for your exotic pets?

Do you think it is fair for various exotic pet species to be prohibited in various states or cities? Discrimination based on your choice of a pet is still discrimination.

Even though many exotic pet species have been bred in captivity for a long time now, the laws still treat them like second class pets in some areas. They often blow isolated incidents out of proportion or treat those with exotic pets like criminals. They accuse pet owners of causing the decline of species, when in fact many endangered species are bred by private individuals and are declining due to habitat destruction. Some species have no chance other then captive breeding.

Vets are hard to locate at times and rescue groups are even scarcer. Zoos often will not take unwanted exotic pets nor help the owners learn how to care for them. Too many shelters who end up with an animal that is not a domestic dog or cat resort to euthanasia, because they are unwilling to allow a dedicated or qualified private individual adopt an animal they believe only a zoo is qualified to keep. Some wildlife rehab groups also would rather put the exotic pet or non-releasable animal to sleep rather then place it in a new home.
Are you tired of extremists making the word ‘pet’ a dirty word or animal rights groups who would rather see animals dead then kept in loving homes?

Its time for a change and education is the key….

Lets help people understand and love our misunderstood alternative pets.

Mission Statement

Why laws prohibiting exotics are wrong!

National Alternative Pet Association
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