Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Sandi Robinson - [email protected]
Heaven Scent Ferret Rescue and Shelter
P.O. Box 165
Midland City, AL 36350
Dr. Tim Logan, DVM
937 East Andrews Avenue
Ozark, AL 36360
Total ferrets in shelter: 13
Adoptable ferrets: 4
Sick or injured: 4
Needs surgery: 1
Needing sponsors: 5
Permanent residents: 6
Being rehabilitated: 1
Need vaccinations: 2
Being fostered: 1
Unpaid vet bills: $150
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Food coupons needed: Iams Kitten
Wish list: To receive help with funding; To able to let everyone know I am here (I have ads in paper, have called vets and humane society, etc.); To have my own place to be able to have the room to house more ferrets.

Cloud Nine Ferrets
1109 Bob Wallace Avenue
S.E. Huntsville, AL 35801
[email protected] (primary account)
Mark Zmyewski, President/Point of Contact,
(256) 536-6348
[email protected]
Judy Wallace, (931) 732-5220
[email protected]

R. E. Patton III, DVM
Northway Animal Hospital
931 Cook Avenue
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 539-9841
Ferrets in shelter: 11
Permanent residents: 2

Update : 7-19-00
Food we could use coupons for: IAMS Kitten, Totally Ferret

Wish list: Totally Ferret, IAMS Kitten, Laxatone