Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Marta Towne - [email protected]
Fuzzy Kisses Ferret Shelter
(branch of Second Chance Animal Rescue)
P.O. Box 457
Green Forest, AR 72638
Dr. Ron Eby
St. Francis Vet Clinic409 CR 706
Green Forest, AR 72638
Total ferrets in shelter: 11
Adoptable ferrets: 4
Needing surgery: 1
Recent deaths: 1 + 5 within this year
Unpaid vet bills: $165
Permanent residents: 2
Being rehabilitated: 5
Needing spay/neuter: 4
Needing sponsors:9
Unpaid shelter bills: $165
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Food we could use coupons for: Iams, Totally Ferret, Diamond
Wish List: blankies, cages and littler pans
Vikki Mick, [email protected]
Thieves Haven
2926 E. Hwy 150
Blytheville, AR 72315-7108
fax 870 762-0306
Last Update : 3-23-99 (FML)
Total ferrets in shelter: 6
Permanent residents: 3
Adoptable ferrets: 2
Taken in since last update: 3
Needing vaccinations: 2
Adopted since last update: 0
Last Update: 8-29-99 (FML)
Food we could use coupons for: Iams, Science Diet, etc. and Chefs Blend (I know, I know!)