Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Kelly Miller, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator - [email protected]
Ken Caryl Ranch, Littleton, CO 80127
Deer Creek Animal Hospital
10148 W. Chatfield Avenue
Littleton, Colorado 80127
(303) 973-4200
Total pets in Shelter: 38 (varies day to day)
Sick pets: None
Needing Vaccines: None
Being Sponsored: None
Unpaid Vet Bills: Up to Date
Permanent Residents: 5
Being Rehabilitated: 12
Needing Surgery: None
Recent Deaths: None
Taken In since last update: 100+
Unpaid Shelter Bills: Feed bill $500+
Wish list:

Food for any of the above stated animals, veterinary supplies, veterinary services.

Rescues/adopts the following animals: hedgehogs, ferrets, sugar gliders, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and exotic birds of all sizes.

We currently have 3 foster homes for abandoned/rescued pets.

Shannon Cauthen- [email protected]
Cavy care Inc., Guinea Pig Rescue
Registered with the state as a non-profit, and 501 C qualified if the IRS.
4343 South Jasper Street, Aurora Colorado 80013
Fax: 720-870-6265

Evans East Animal Hospital
Dr. Stephen P. Kromka D.V.M.
5353 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80222

John "Scott" Cauthen
Mission Viejo Veterinary Hospital Dr. Pat Doherty, D.V.M.
15470 E. Hampden Ave.
Aurora, CO 80013
Adoption Date: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Total Pets in Shelter: 104
Adoptable pets: 95
Sick Pets: 4
Needing Vaccines: None
Being Sponsored: None
Last Update October 15-00
Last Update: 11-26-00

Adopted Since Last Date: 100+
Unpaid Vet Bills: Up to Date
Permanent Residents: 23
Being Rehabilitated: None
Needing Surgery: None
Recent Deaths: Last death October 15-00 Old age
Needing Sponsors: Contact CCI for Information 303-693-4630
Taken in Since Last Update: 95+

Unpaid Shelter Bills: Feed Bill 500+
Wish List: Cushion for Medical Needs that Arise, Large Copier, Digital Web Camera. Donation in general... Funding is always helpful no matter how big or small.

Vickey Bishop - [email protected]
The Crafty Ferret Rescue
1903 Lodestone Drive
Leadville, CO 80461
Dr. Joseph Bock, DVM
Adobe Animal Hospital
4660 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, Colorado
(303) 494-4344
Total ferrets in shelter: 20
Permanent residents:20
(permanent home for older ferrets)
Sick or injured: 3
Needing vaccinations: 6
Recent deaths: 3
Unpaid vet bills: $150.00
Adoptable ferrets: 0
Being rehabilitated: 4
Needing surgery: 1
Needing sponsors: 3
Taken in since last update: 3
Unpaid shelter bills: $75.00
Food we could use coupons for: Totally Ferret
Wish List: Postage stamps, Timmy's Tonic and Totally Ferret

Randy and Gloria Horton - Directors - [email protected]

718 Uvalda St
Aurora, CO 80011
(303) 343-6460
Last Update: 8-29-99 (FML)
Dr. Jerry Labonde
Homestead Animal Hospital
6900 So. Holly Circle
Englewood, CO 80112
Total ferrets in shelter: 132
Adoptable ferrets: 68
Sick or injured: 15
Recent deaths: 5
Being sponsored: 3
Taken is since last update: 300+
Unpaid vet bills: $1600
Permanent Residents: 12
Being Rehabilitated: 27
Need surgery: 22
Being fostered: 5
Needing sponsors: 12
Adopted since last update: 286
Unpaid shelter bills: $3500

State Licensed Shelter
We can use coupons for any cat food that we wean ferrets off of.
Wish list: Totally Ferret, Rubber Gloves all sizes, Donations
501(c)3 is pending Paperwork already filed by our lawyer.
We have many programs running in Petco's and soon Petsmart every weekend, conduct seminars on ferret care and behavior at public schools in Denver area and recieve ferrets from all animal control agencies in the Denver Metro area. We saw over one thousand ferrets go thru our shelter last year and expect to double that number this year.

Stephanie & Rick Sheme - [email protected]
Ferrets Etc
15775 Greenstone Circle
Parker, CO 80134
Non-Profit Tax ID # 84-1238194 State Licensed Rescue PACFA
Dr. Joseph Bock, DVM
Adobe Animal Hospital
4660 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, Colorado
(303) 494-4344
Total ferrets in shelter: 32
Adoptable ferrets: 17
Sick or injured: 1
Needing vaccinations: 6
Unpaid vet bills: $50
Permanent residents: 2
Being rehabilitated: 4
Needing surgery: 2
Unpaid shelter bills: $245
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Food we could use coupons for: Proplan cat food, kitten chow, Whiskas lamb & rice
Wish List: Amoxi, Fervac-D

Carolyn Kinsey, A.S.V.T.
[email protected]
Ferret Rescue of the Western
States (Estab. 1991)

140 W. 29th St., Suite 191
Pueblo, CO 81008
Dr. Bill Wilhoit, DVM
2502 East Bijou
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Total ferrets in shelter: 55
Adoptable ferrets: 4--
one needing adrenal surgery
Sick or injured: 28,
all with long term problems
and not anticipating adoption
Recent deaths: 2
Taken in since last update: 12
Permanent residents: 38
Being rehabilitated: 1
Needing surgery: 3 shelter
Unpaid vet bills: $700 now very old
Needing sponsors:4
Adopted since last update :3
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Food we could use coupons for:Totally Ferret or ProPlan Feline Turkey
Wish list: soft blankets for the old guys. Someone in the Colo Spgs area to install a dishwasher which has been sitting in a box in the kitchen since February!

Please keep us on your give-a-buck-to-a-shelter list. I know the reasons for keeping these donations to a dollar, but would like to humbly suggest that we increase it to $5. It costs 1/3 of the donation to send it, and another 1/3 to send a thank-you card (which we insist on doing for every donation which has no e-mail access). That leaves about a 33 cents donation. I'm not ungrateful, but as poor as we are, 33 cents really has no application for us. Could we discuss this?

Zug G. Standing Bear - [email protected]
The Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue, Inc.
62 Aztec Circle
Divide, CO 80814
(719) 687-8087 (toll free rescue line: (800) 735-3160)
Non-profit info: (FEIN: 84-1512518). The Rescue is a nonprofit charitable
corporation where all donations are deductible under Section 501c(3) of the
US Internal Revenue Code.
CO Dept. of Animal Industry, Office of the State Veterinarian, Pet Animal
Care Facilities Act License No. 86-3190-01.
US Dept. of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Class C
Exhibitor License No. 84-C-0075
Veterinarian: Priscilla Dressen, DVM
North Star Veterinary Clinic
4848 South College Avenue, Suite B
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 282-9719
Total pets in shelter (specify species): 40 (6 albino hedgehogs, two brown central African hedgehogs, eleven chocolate central African hedgehogs, two chocolate chip central African hedgehogs, two chocolate white central African hedgehogs, one cinnacot central African hedgehog, eleven chocolate Algerian hedgehogs, two brown Algerian hedgehogs, one snowflake central African hedgehog, and two long eared desert hedgehogs).
Pets available for foster care: 8 (varies from week to week)
Sick pets: 4 (varies from week to week)
Needing vaccines: None
Being sponsored: 10 (see web site for sponsorship information).
Placed in foster care in 2000: 10
Unpaid vet bills: None - all accounts current.
Permanent Residents: 32 (therapeutic hedgehogs, old hedgehogs, hedgehogs with disabilities such as blindness, missing limbs, active cancer, liver disease, wobbly hedgehog syndrome (similar to multiple sclerosis),
Parkinson's disease, arthritis, hedgehogs with behavioral problems)
Being rehabilitated: 8
Needing surgery: none (surgery provided immediately as needed)
Recent deaths: Deaths in 2001: Jan 11 (endocrine cancer, old age), Jan 21 (intestinal cancer), Jan 28 (fibrosarcoma), Feb 2 (massive intestinal cancer), Feb 2 (liver cancer, emphysema), Feb 17 (liver cancer), Feb 17 (kidney failure, old age), March 7 (degenerative myelopathy "wobbly hedgehog syndrome"), Mar 27 (liver cancer), Mar 27 (cancer at several sites), Mar 29 (liver cancer), Apr 24 (postsurgical infection), May 10 (cause of death undetermined, was depressed upon loss of lifelong companion on Mar 7), Jun 6 (fibrosarcoma).
Needing sponsors: (see web site for sponsorship information)
Taken in since last update: 25
Unpaid shelter bills: All accounts current.
Last update: 9/4/00
The Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue is an International Hedgehog Association sanctioned rescue.Adoption data: Hedgehogs may be placed in foster care (which may become permanent) to knowledgeable caregivers selected by the rescue. Selections are made based upon knowledge of the potential caregiver through the International Hedgehog Association and/or the hedgehog Internet list servers.
If, at any time, a caregiver cannot adequately care for an adoptee, the hedgehog will be taken back into the rescue. In the event of temporary absences of a caregiver, the rescue offers boarding. There is no foster care fee.

Wish list: Approved hedgehog exercise wheels from Sharon Decker in British Columbia (web site at Hedgehog Happenings) or from Jennifer Young at the International Hedgehog Registry. Incubator/controlled temperature intensive care unit (23.75" x 17.5" x 16.75") from Paragon Medical Supply (www.paragonmed.com). Veterinary care gift certificates paid directly to the servicing veterinarian. Restricted donations to the Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome medical research fund (also called The Munchkin Research Fund) for research be carried out at Yale University and Colorado State University

RMCA-Colorado Chapter
Julie Turnbaugh - e-mail: [email protected]
Pocket Pet Rescue - Founded Sept. 1996
P.O. Box 62655
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-2655
719-381-6926 pager
Rescues/adopts the following animals: Rats, mice, hedgehogs, ferrets,
sugar gliders, chinchillas, and other small exotics. We also adopt
tarantulas, and small amphibians.
We currently have 4 foster homes for abandoned/rescued pets.
Total pets in Shelter (specify species): 14 rats, 8 chinchillas, 4 hamsters, 3 sugar gliders,
2 guinea fowl, 7 cats, 4 mice, 2 guinae pigs, 9 rabbits, 2 tarantulas, 2 fire belly frogs, 1 iguana, 1 ferret
Adoptable pets: 2 guinea pigs, 3-4 rabbits, 2 hamsters, 3 rats
Sick pets: 2
Needing Vaccines: 0
Being Sponsored: 0
Adopted since last update: 5
Unpaid Vet Bills: 0
Permanent Residents: most of them
Being Rehabilitated: 0
Needing Surgery: 1
Recent Deaths: 1
Needing Sponsors:5
Taken In since last update: 5+
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $150 + a month to maintain animals that were taken in.
Last Update: 11-26-98
Wish List: Rabbit food, chinchilla food, guinea pig food, storage shed, animal litter (no cedar), veterinarian services

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