Hello fellow animal lovers!

My name is Tracy Bockenhauer and I have a passion for parrots. It is
because of this love that I have created an organization called LARRA. La
Crosse Avian Rescue Rehab & Adoption is a non-profit, volunteer organization
dedicated to teaching current and potential bird owners proper physical and
psychological care for their pet birds. Unwanted or found parrots are
accepted at LARRA, Inc. and in turn are adopted to qualified applicants. Our
aim is sharing current information and correcting misconceptions about
parrots. Our goal is to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world
of aviaculture and share them with the community.
We have 4 contracts in place, all of which help us to place parrots in
need. Firstly we have a foster parent contract, where people interested in
taking care of parrots may apply. Fostering entails taking the bird into
your home (after the initial vet check-up and blood work) to take care of its
needs. Feeding the bird an appropriate diet, providing adequate toys for the
species, and working with the birds behavioral needs are some of the
responsibilities of fostering.
When a good match for the bird and a potential adopter has been found
and approved, the bird is then taken out of its foster home and placed in its
new adoptive home. The potential adopter of a LARRA bird would need to fill
out an adoption application contract. Through this contract we can ask
questions and find out information that will help us find a good match for
the adopter and for the companion parrot.
If the application is filled out in its entirety, and it is in the best
interest of the bird, then an actual adoption contract is put into place.
The adopter is responsible for the adoption fee along with the vet bills that
the bird has incurred up to date.
We do follow up visits and are always here for assistance with behavior
or any other questions that come up after adoption. If you have a bird or
know someone who has a bird that needs placement, LARRA will take in donated
birds. There is a surrender contract that we will need to have filled out.
It is in that contract that we will ask about the parrots previous vet. care
as well as the problems and concerns that the owner has.
If it is in the best interest of the bird, LARRA can assist with
behavioral techniques, home assessment and other suggestions that may help
the bird remain in its current home. If you are interested in fostering or
sponsoring a parrot in need or would like more information, please get in
I have established an account at Sand Lake Vet Clinic and at Hillside
Animal Hospital where donations into the rescue bird account can be made, as
every bird coming into LARRA firstly needs to be seen by an avian vet where
appropriate blood work and assessments can be evaluated.
We also have a need for cages, toys and pelleted parrot food for our
foster homes, that may be dropped at the Humane Society, Hillside Animal
Hospital or Sand Lake Vet Clinic, in care of LARRA'S PARROTS.
Thank you in advance for your kindness and your interest is gratefully

Tracy Bockenhauer/Executive Director LARRA Inc.

P.O. Box 1413
La Crosse, WI 54602-1413

Phone: 608-787-0566
Fax: 608-788-9938
E-Mail [email protected]
www. LARRA.org