Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Kimberly A. Schilling - [email protected]
Animals For Awareness
PO Box 56
Palos Park, IL 60464
501(C)(3) non-profit
Dr. Michael Miller (also my biz partner)
Roberts Road Animal Clinic
10504 S. Roberts Road
Palos Hills, IL 60465
Total Animals in Shelter: 100+
(Include: Silver foxes, fennec fox,
raccoons, wallabies, cougar, lynx,
bobcat, parrots, large and small reptiles,
dogs, cats, hedgehogs, sugar gliders,
flying squirrels, genets, lemurs, ferrets,
alligator, chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs,
striped possums, skunks, prairie dogs,
tortoises, amphibians, palm squirrels, coatimundis, AND MORE)
Adoptable Animals: approx. 10-15
Sick Animals: 0 at the moment!
Last Update: 12-2-98
Needing Vaccines: approx 50
Being Sponsored: 0
Adopted since update: 0 (8 prairie dogs going this weekend!)
Unpaid vet bills: $400
Permanent residents: 100
Needing Surgery: 0
Recent deaths: 2 cancer ferrets
Needing sponsors: ???
Taken in since last: 0 (1 fennec fox on the way)
Unpaid shelter bills: $1000
We don't adopt out of state, and only some of the exotics are available for adoption to USDA licensed homes only.

We are a no-kill shelter (except in terminal & suffering cases of illness). Intake is based upon space availability! Most intakes done directly at the clinic where check-ups, vaccinations and spaying/neutering occurs before coming into the shelter. We currently work out of our home and are looking for a large building with at least 10 acres.

Wish List: dry dog food , Iams kitten food (dry), pine shavings, rabbit pellets, hay, frozen/fresh chicken or deer (processed with bones), wallaby pellets (Mazuri), Science Diet - feline growth (canned), stamps, rubber gloves
bleach, 9 gauge chain link panels, ferret toys/hammocks, litter boxes, clay litter, scoopable litter, Yesterday's News pelleted litter!!!!!, water bottles, 100 watt light bulbs, heating pads, pet carriers, incubator, high quality parrot food
monkey biscuits, rodent chow, carpeted cat play trees, heated water buckets, dog and cat toys, rawhide bones, fresh fruits and veggies, cans of vegetable mix

Come join our new Mailing List!
For the raccoon, coati, kinkajou, ringtail cat, genet, civet, and binturong lovers!

Margaret Szelmeczka
[email protected]
Samson's Stopover
56 Rock Springs Estates
O'Fallon, IL 62269
(located in SW IL at Exit 19B, on I64)
618 632-5064
Dr. Leslie Lindauer
Small Friend's Pet Ark
5774 Douglas Rd
Smithon, IL 62285
Dr Ellen Burk
Belleville Animal Clinic
1600 N. Belt-East
Belleville, IL 62222
Total ferrets in shelter: 3
Permanent residents: 1
Adoptables: 2
Unpaid vet bills: $200
Being rehabilitated: 1
Taken in since last update: 3

Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Wish List: Feeding syringes, Summer sleepsacks and hammocks Baby Pins, Dyne (from Jeffers), Coupons for Yesterdays News Litter