Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Open Hearts Ferret, Exotic and Small Animal Rescue - Cristine Blum
17 Otter Dr
Ft. Mitchell, KY. 41017
Ft. Wright Pet Care
total pets adoptable 7
10 ferrets
5 hamsters
5 rats
1 rabbit
4 prarie dogs
2 sick
being sponsered none
unpaid vet none
permant residents18
being rehabilitated none
needing surgery 1
sponsors ?
taken in 25
rescue bills 550.00
Wish list: bedding ,towels, hay, playtoys,small cages and carriers, hammocks

Tiffaney Carver - Elly's Animals Wildife Rescue
413 meadow park
Lexington , KY 40505
nonprofit info: no tax status yet , but trying to obtain 501 c
Dr. Charlotte Hebert
470 E New Circle Rd.
Suite 8
Lexington, Kentucky 40505
pets in care :5
adpotable: none as of now
sick: 3 need vacc
sponsors : none
unpaid vet bills: none right now
permit: licensed to treat sick & injured wildlife of all kinds,
permit with kentucky fish & willdife department
permanents: none as of now
being rehab: 5
surgery : none
deaths: several to date depending on severity of injuries
need sponsors : yes
taken in to date :213 including birds

Unpaid bills: i don't work outside the home so most supplies & meds come from my husband's income, which can sometimes be very exspensive, ecspecially during spring & summer .

Wish list:any cages or materials to build them, milk replacer, betadine, bird food of any kind, pedialyte or similar,baby blankets or cloth
diapers,stethescope, scale for weighing animals ,any first aid supplies,dog & cat food,heat lamps