Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups
United Kingdom

Sheila Crompton - [email protected]
Bolton Ferret Welfare
38 Eastbank Street
Tel: 01204 533367
A. Regan and Colleagues
349-351 Bury Road
474 Blackburn Road
Total ferrets in shelter: 47
Sick or injured: 5
Recent deaths: 2
Taken in since last update: 11
Unpaid vet bills: GBP 600
Permanent residents: 47
Needing spay/neuter: 15
Adopted since last update: 9
Unpaid shelter bills: GBP 62
Last Update: 8-29-99 (FML)
Wish List: Help to make lighter cages for transporting ferrets for doing fund raising PR & ferret racing at shows.
Membership Secretary & Editor of The National Ferret Welfare Society.
Parad-Ice Rescue - Bettina Laity
Full Mailing Address: 44 Prislow Fields, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 4LW, UK
Phone Number: 01326 210632 07967956834 (mob)
Amos & Penny, & Rosemullion vet hospital
Total pets in Shelter (specify species): 33 birds, 9 dogs, 6 cats, 54 fish
Adoptable pets: 0
Sick pets: 2
Needing Vaccines: 3
Being Sponsored: 1
Adopted since last update: 0
Unpaid Vet Bills: £36
Permanent Residents: 102
Being Rehabilitated: 4
Needing Surgery: 2
Needing Neutering/Spaying: 10
Recent Deaths: 0
Needing Sponsors: 21
Taken In since last update: 13
Unpaid Shelter Bills: £275
Wish List: Bird Feed
(Either Cockatiel, Budgie, Parrot mixes
Specialist formulas
Lory food/nectar mixes, hand rearing formulas, Any bird treats, shelled peanuts, dried fruit)
Brooder (s) to be used for hospitalised birds.
Bird toys

Dog treats, Dog toys, Soft dog beds, any dog related products.

Cat treats, Cat litter, Cat beds (soft) any cat related products

Fish Food, Tropical or gold fish

Rodent Rescue UK
10,Haggers Close,Melbourn,Cambridgeshire,
England SG8 6HY
tel:01763 262274
fax:01763 221612
e-mail:[email protected]
Rescue all rodents and wildlife.Specialise in exotics eg,jirds(shaws) and degus.rehome and rehab.no shipping. helpline 24 hours on above number.Will rescue anywhere in uk.RSPCA inspected