Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Critter Patch - Jennifer Sorenson
1064 Alger Cain Lake Rd.
Sedro Woolley, Wa 98284
Dr. Tim Howland
North Cascades Vetrinary Hospital
9113 Carter St.
Sedro Woolley, Wa 98284
Adoptable pets-0
Sick pets-0
Needing vaccines-0
Being sponsored-0
Unpaid vet bills $600.00
Permanent residents-48
Being Rehabilitated-0
Needing surgery-0
Recent Deaths-1
Needing Sponsors-0

We are offering a permenant home situation for any and all unwanted exotic animals. We do educational programs on conservation and care of wildlife.

Muntjac Deer
Swamp Wallaby's
Wolf Dogs

Ferret Rescue Of Spokane & Spokane County
Tracy Kilmer, Director - [email protected]
1 W. Montgomery RD.
Deer Park WA. 99006
(25 miles north of Spokane)
Dr. Patricia Sledge
Peone Pines Veterinarian Clinic
14717 N. Newport Highway
Mead, WA 99021
Total ferrets in shelter: 41
Permanent residents: 15
Adoptable ferrets: 21
Being rehabilitated: 3
Sick or injured: 2
Needing spay/neuter: 7
Needing vaccinations: 15 rabies 10 Distemper
Needing surgery: 1 adrenal
Recent deaths: 2
Being fostered: none at this time
Strays in holding: none at this time
Owner turn ins in Quar: none at this time
Unpaid vet bills: $375
Last Update: 4-20-01
Food we could use coupons for: Mazuri ferret food, A/D
Wish List: hammocks, toys, food supplements
Cheryl M. Nordgulen
[email protected]
The Critterpen Rescue
1223 N.E. Central St.
Olympia, WA 98506
(360) 943-6116
Dr. Michael Doherty
Lacey Animal Clinic PC
4242 Pacific Ave. S.E.
Lacey, WA 98503
Total ferrets in shelter: 3
Permanent residents: 3
Sick or injured: 2
Recent deaths: 1
Needing vaccinations: 1
Needing surgery: 1
Needing sponsors: 2
Updated from FML 8-29-99
Food we could use coupons for: Gerber baby meats
Wish List: KMR Powder, FerretVite, Ferretone.