Exotic Animal/Alternative Pet

Shelter, Rescue and/or Adoption Groups

Laura Ferris
[email protected]
Central Wisconsin Ferret Fanciers
7398 Hwy O
Wausau, WI 54401
Dr. Paul Reifenrath DVM
Kronenwetter Vet Clinic
1346 Old Highway 51
Mosinee, WI 54455
Total ferrets in shelter: 9
Permanent residents: 3
Adoptable ferrets: 5
Being rehabilitated: 1
Sick or injured: 1
Recent deaths: 4 (ECE)
Being fostered: 7
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Wish List: Our shelter has split up into several of the members' homes. One of the reasons is because of ECE contamination at our main shelter. A person had surrendered a ferret to the shelter they had gotten from a pet store, and unknown to us this ferret was a ECE carrier. This is getting to be a problem for many people and our wish is that pet stores would take more caution and care to make sure that ferrets coming into their stores do not carry the ECE virus.

Jen & Aaron Schumacher - [email protected]
Ferret Business
321 Cherry Street
Janesville, WI 53545-4603
Dr. Hicks
Janesville Vet Clinic
1730 E Milwaukee Street
Janesville, WI 53545
Total pets in Shelter (specify species): 21 ferrets
Adoptable pets: special needs and biters- applicant must qualify
Sick pets: 2 on pred, 1 on Essiac
Needing Vaccines: all current
Being Fostered: 1
Adopted out: 9
Last Update: 8-24-00
Unpaid Vet Bills: $0
Permanent Residents: 12
Being Rehabilitated: 3
Needing Surgery: 0
Recent Deaths: none (3mos. ago most recent)
Needing Sponsors/Foster: ?
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $0
Wish List: Donations of dry Iams Kitten, Science Diet Growth, or Mazuri Ferret food. Science Diet A/D. 33cent stamps (for newsletters). Monetary donations can be made to Ferret Business or to our account at Janesville Veterinary Clinic. Paper towels, Puffs Free, NutriStat, and baby blankets are also needed

Judy Vowell [email protected]
Ferret Fanciers of Greater Milwaukee
P.O. Box 11625 Milwaukee, WI 53211
(414) 464-FFGM
Vet: Dr. Kim Conley Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center
Address: 1405 W. Silver Spring Dr. Milwaukee, WI 53209-4416
Phone: (414) 228-7655
Non profit data: tax ID # ES 65377
Addoption Data:
Total Ferrets in shelter- 129
Adoptable Pets- 60 ferrets
Sick Pets- 69 Treated at shelter ICU unit
Needing Vaccines- almost all animals
Being Sponsered- 0
Adopted since last update- 0 last month
Unpaid vet bills- $1400
Permanant residents- 60
Being Rehabilitated- 7 Biters
Needing Surgery- 27
Recent deaths -2
Needing Sponsers/Fosters -all
Taken in since last update- We have had to refuse ferrets due to overwhelming population
Unpaid shelter bills- $1200
Wish List:
Cash or Store Vouchers $2500 would help get the general shelter back on our feet ( Farm & Fleet ).
$ 5000 would help get our sick babies the surgeries they need. Fleet Farm Vouchers for kitty litter, Food &
supplies would be fabulous to help house the animals we have now.

Kathy Fritz, [email protected]
The Ferret Nook, Inc.
P.O. Box 3
Cambridge, WI, 53523-0003
Non-profit 501(c)3
EIN #: 39-1946019
Dr. Carla Christman
Deerfield Veterinary Clinic
601 S. Main
Deerfield, WI 53531
Account #: 05990
-or- Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
2015 Linden Drive West
Madison, WI 53706
#86418 (FerretNook, Inc. Account)
Total ferrets in shelter: 68
Permanent residents: 34
Adoptable ferrets: 34
Being rehabilitated: 2 biters, 1 stroke
Sick or injured: 31
(treating 3 for ulcers, 1 recovering
from stroke, 3 heart disease, 20 with
Adrenal Disease, 3 insulinomas, and 1
with old spinal injury)
Needing surgery: 1 (Cyst removal)
Recent deaths: 9
Being fostered: 4
Being sponsored: 4
Needing sponsors: 14
Taken in since last update: 43
Adopted since last update: 34
Unpaid vet bills: VMTH $2000
Updated from FML: 8-29-99
Food we could use coupons for: Iams Kitten and Cat Food
Wish List: More responsible pet owners willing to keep their older/ill ferrets (when the ferrets need them the most) instead of dumping them on shelters.
We are pleased to be working with Dr. Carla Christman. We have been very satisfied with the clinic and Dr. Christman's ferret care. It's great to work with a vet that is currently owned by 3 ferrets! It certainly makes a difference in the care our Shelter ferrets are receiving! Thank you Dr. Carla!

Gerry Braatz II - [email protected]
Global Exotics Reptile Rehab & Rescue
2377 pleasant valley rd
West Bend Wi 53095
Mainly deal with all reptiles, and small animals. -- take all
hurt and unhurt creatures do my best to give them a shot at life.
Total pets in Shelter 9
Adoptable pets: 4
Sick pets: 1
Needing Vaccines: 0
Being Sponsored: 0
Adopted since last update: 4
Unpaid Vet Bills:
Permanent Residents: 3
Being Rehabilitated: 3
Needing Surgery: 2
Recent Deaths: 1
Needing Sponsors: 4
Taken In since last update: 0
Unpaid Shelter Bills: 250.00
Wish List: Old or new cages, heating blankets, aquariums of all sizes, books on care, money donations (yes I do run a non
profit organization), sponsorship, pubic awareness. Any thing you donate will be put towards a good cause. With your help we can give all of Gods unfortunate creatures a second chance.

in the Company of Ferrets North
Rescue and Adoption Shelter
serving Duluth, MN/Superior WI and surrounding areas.
(715) 395-9435
email: [email protected]

I've currently got a 3 year old male pair available to the right home.

La Crosse Avian Rescue, Rehab & Adoption Inc. (LARRA)
P.O.Box 1413 La Crosse WI 54602-1413
EIN# 39-1986472
Dr. Laura Johnson
Hillside Animal Hospital W5706 Hwy. 33 La Crosse, WI 54601
Total pets in shelter: 20
Adoptable pets: 8
Sick pets: 0
Needing Vaccines: O
Adopted since last update: 16
Unpaid Vet Bills: $400
Permanent Residents: 8
Being Rehabed: 6
Foster Care: 9
Needing Surgery: 1 completed, O needed
Recent Deaths: 0
Needing Sponsors: All
Taken in since last update: 0
Unpaid Shelter Bills: $500
Our Shelters wish list is as follows:
Cages of any size
Perches of any size..concrete, manzaneta, rope
Toys for any species of parrot..please nothing indestructable
Pelleted food of any kind, gift certificates to grocery stores for fruits and vegetables
Money sent to our Vet Clinic for bloodwork, surgerys & Meds.
Donations sent to support our newsletter, communication to the public..
All money raised goes directly into an acct. to pay our vet bills which incurrs our biggest cost.
Our goal is to one day be able to purchase a building to offer educational opportunitys, interaction with different species and set an appropriate example of how parrots should be taken care of, maintained and their needs met. Starting out with education is the secret to success.

Fundraising Letter