Seven week old C. gambianus - 'Johari'

Data from Jazmyn Concolor (Web Page Author)

Data From Petri Airasvirta - Finland

Data From Dave Morgan - Transvaal Snake Park (South Africa)

Data From Ross Gordon Cooper - (Zimbabwe, Africa)

NEW Data From Ross Gordon Cooper on Care of the Gambian Giant Pouched Rat


Female giant pouched rat churbling (313 KB) Turn your volume up since its not very loud.
(fussing about noise in room when shes trying to sleep. )

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Research on the Gambian Giant Pouched Rat 'Reproductive Physiology & Behaviour in Cricetomys gambianus' (Conservation, Distribution, Ecology, Ethology, Reproductive, Physiology & Domestication) is being done at:

Mbakulirahi Malekani
Cricetomys Project
Department of Biology
University of Kinshasa
P.O. Box 218
Kinshasa Xi

Mailing List(s):

[email protected]
This list is to inform, educate, and discuss the Gambian Giant Pouched Rats.

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