Gambian Giant Pouched Rat

In memory of Johari - (jewel)

12-13-96 to 12-31-98

Johari at 21 days old (front)
At 21 days old, the day before her eyes opened

Johari at 21 days old (side)
My hand isn't small, shes a BIG baby in this picture.

Johari at  7 weeks old - Hi Mom!
7 weeks old

2 month old Johari Whats down there?
2 months old

2 month old Johari w/ normal sized english saddle
2 months old

2 1/2 months old and cheek pouches full of brazil nuts

Johari - 3 1/2 Months Old
3 1/2 months old - Exploring

Johari - 4 Months with 35m film can
4 months old with a 35m film can to show her size

Johari at 1 year, 2 months
1 year and 2 months old..and checking
out the cat's treats.
Hey! Theres something in here!

Johari at 2 years and 2 weeks, but unfortunately is not feeling well in the picture due to a upper respiratory ailment, possibly brought on by the sudden weather changes at the time in Central Texas.
She is antibiotics in this picture, only wants to eat applesauce and NutriCal, but seems to be pulling through slowly.
She seemed to like my old sleeping bag though.
Johari died after this last update on Dec 31, 1998. Cause of death was Corona Virus. Antibiotics were not effective enough and only prolonged the illness. Some of my fancy domestic rats suffered this virus and most recovered. All animals are currently clean of the virus, so I may soon be seeking a replacement for Johari.
1 year and 2 months old

Johari was a female Gambian giant pouched rat. Her favorite pastimes were eating (mangos and avocado are her favorites), wrestling, napping, hiding food and licking peoples hands. Her turnoffs were sudden loud noises, humans with bad breath blowing in her face and having her old nesting material removed from her cage (just after she laid it out all perfect). A spoiled rotten, pampered little princess who adored attention and cuddling. Gentle and sweet tempered, she was liked by just about everyone she met. Johari aspired to work as an animal ambassador and had learned to respond to a clicker by running over to the person looking for food. Anything that involved getting treats was certainly a plus in her book. She suffered ringtail since very young due to a very dry winter, thus her tail was a bit crooked even after repeated treatments with moisturizing ointment. It didn't seem to bother her any and she was very good about sitting still during her 'tail therapy'. She was a bit territorial when grown and prefered to only be handled by those she was bonded to and did not tolerate other animals much and acted jealous of them, thus she had her own space and her own toys.

She will be sorely missed.

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