Oregon Rodent Breeders

Name Species Shipping? City/State Type
Adala Espey
R No Portland, OR Pt
Desert Paws
R/G1 Will ship Umatilla, OR Pt/Br
EaglesEye Rattery
R Will possibly ship Salem, OR Br/Pt/Sh
Fancy Rats.com
R / CH Can ship Stayton, OR
(503) 769-5008
Little Dickens Rattery
R No Portland, OR Pt/Sh/Br
Purple Cloud Rodentry
R / C Shipping at
buyer's expense
Eugene, OR Pt/Sh/Br
Reading Rats Rattery
R No Brookings, OR Pt/Br
Reed & Lott Small Animals
G1/M/R/RB/H/C1 Can Ship Weston, OR Br/Fe/Pt/Sh

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