American Rat, Mouse & Hamster Society
of San Diego

ARMHS is a non-profit organization which provides a forum for breeders and pet owners of Rats, Mice, and Hamsters.
ARMHS holds its meetings monthly, serving as a place where people interested in these animals can relate their experiences and learn from each other.
ARMHS produces a newsletter 4 times a year. Bulletins are also issued on a bi-monthly basis updating the latest activities.
We encourage every member to take advantage of the opportunities to get involved in ARMHS.

The club has several shows and attends the Del Mar Fair (Southern California Expo) yearly. Breeders and pet owners are welcome to participate. Besides judging, the club shows include hamster ball races, rat races, mouse mazes and other fun contests.

Why Rats, Mice & Hamsters?

Small animals make great pets. These delightful little creatures are affectionate, curious and highly intelligent. They make great pets for children, teaching them the responsibility of caring for an animal as well as taking pleasure in their companionship.

Because of their small size, these animals are easy to house and feed. They each develop their own unique personality and bond with their human companion. Nocturnal by nature, they are usually active in the morning and evening when people are home from work or school.

With basic care and love these little creatures can be very rewarding pets.


Membership entitles you to admission to all club events, 4 newsletters, and bulletins. Memberships are renewed yearly. Dues are as follows:


$10.00 FAMILY


Please make check or money order payable to ARMHS.

Return with form below to:

ARMHS c/o Denise Boyce
8475 Westmore Road #30
San Diego, CA 92126

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ARMHS American Rat, Mouse & Hamster Society of San Diego

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Next Show: August 9, 1998 at Lindo Lake Park in Lakeside, CA
Entry Deadline: August 3
Check in time: 9:00 AM
Judging Starts: 10:00 AM
Entry Fee:$1.00 per animal ($2.00 per animal the day of show)

Karen Robbins (Rats & Mice)
Ginger Cardinal (Hamsters)

Sandy Lee
(619) 390-2903
Fax: (619) 390-5271