Rat Clubs and Home Page List

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American Rat Mouse and Hamster Society
c/o Denise Boyce
8475 Westmore Road #30
San Diego, CA 92126 USA
American Fancy Rat and Mouse Assoc.
K. Robbins
9230-64th Street
Riverside, CA 92509 USA
email: [email protected] (Craig Robbins)
American Pet Mouse and Hamster Owner and Breeders Association
John Jones
P. O. Box 610
Douglas City, California 96024 USA.
Tel: 1-916-778-0240
email: [email protected]
Michigan Rat Fancier
Attn: Arianna Edson
21 1/2 Dennis SE
Tel: (616) 336-9460
Grand Rapids, MI 49506, USA
The Little Mouse Club
c/o Wanda Wilson
603 Brandt Ave.
New Cumberland, PA 17070 USA
Tel: (717) 774-1778
Pacific Northwest Pet & Show Rat Club
423 E. Harrison
Tacoma, WA 98404
email:[email protected] (Marie)
Rat Mouse and Hamster Fanciers
c/o Silvia Butler
188 School street
Danville, CA 94526
email: [email protected]
Midwest Rat and Mouse Club
c/o Sarah Shuman
1216 Robinwood Dr. #5
Lakeside, CA 92040
Rat and Mouse Club of America
13075 Springdale Street #302
Westminster, CA 92683
email: [email protected]

Rat and Mouse Club of America Colorado Chapter (RMCA-CO)
Michele Danahy
1580 Pennsylvania Street #206
Denver, CO
(303) 864-1850

RMCA Great Lakes Chapter
E-mail: [email protected]

(SF Bay Area chapter of the RMCA)
E-mail: [email protected] (Brian Lee)
Tel: (510) 606-9676
E-mail: [email protected] (James Kittock)
Tel: (650) 486-1731
Rat Fan Club
857 Lindo Lane
Chico CA 95926 (916) 899-0605
email: [email protected]
(Note from RF pres) :
If you send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SAE with international postage coupon from out of the U.S) I will send you a free intro issue of the Rat Report and a list of back issues.
Pat Bromberek
215 W. Slifer Street
Portage, WI
(608) 742-2040

Hawaii RMCA/Paradise Small Animal Association
Tihoti Maha'a
(808) 263-0762
Michigan Fancy Rat Club
2814 Alpha Way
Flint, MI 48506-1873
Email: [email protected]
The Utah Fancy Rat Club
North American Rat & Mouse Club, Int'l
c/o Candy Evans
104 N. Lincoln Avenue
Wenonah, NJ 08090
email: [email protected]
Website: www.narmci.8k.com
UK and Europe
National Fancy Rat Society
c/o Hon secr. Greg Baker
4 Salisbury Road, Ealing
London W13 9TX

London & Southern Counties Mouse & Rat Club
426 Goresbrook Road,
Dagenham, Essex
RM9 4UX Great Britain
email:[email protected]

NFRS, Membership co-ord.
c/o Davida Krill
PO Box 24207
London SE9 5ZF
National Mouse Club
c/o John Mackerill
22 Malham Road, Rastrick, Brighouse
West Yorkshire, HD6 3JY, England
email: [email protected]
Rare Varieties Support Group (mice)
c/o Steve Laming
52 Beconsfield, Brookside, Telford,
Shropshire, TF3 1NQ ENGLAND
IRF - Internationale Ratten Fokkers/Fanclub
Secretariaat I.R.F
Cubalaan 7
2685 LA Poeldijk, HOLLAND
Bootsmansstraat 12bnl

Northeast Rat & Mouse Club International
c/o Patricia Smouse, VP [email protected]
17705 Smouse Lane, SE 301-777-8234
Flintstone, MD 21530-9802

Northeast Rat & Mouse Club International
- NRMCI Appalachian Chapter
c/o Wanda Wilson
603 Brandt Ave.
New Cumberland, PA 17070 USA
Tel: (717) 774-1778

R.A.T. Belgium
Sonja Apiecionek
Goudveld 30
2980 Zoersel
email: [email protected]
Päijät-Hämeen Jyrsijäyhdistys
c/o Toni Kokkonen
Hämeenkatu 24 A 10
15110 Lahti, Finland
Tel: +358 40 561 8510
email:[email protected]
Oulun Seudun Jyrsijäharrastajat
c/o Päivi Lötjönen
Järvitie 6 A 24
SF-90550 Oulu, Finland
Tel: + 358-400-809 314
Suomen Jyrsijäliitto (Finnish Rodent Society)
c/o Majamaentie 3a9
37500 Lempaala
Tel: 0422-304076
email: [email protected]
Suomen Näyttely- ja Lemmikkihiiret
(Finnish Show- & Pet Mice)
Carita Gunnar
Alahovintie 10 A 14
48600 Karhula, FINLAND
Tel: 05-262091
email: [email protected]
Turun ja Porin läänin Kesyrottaja Gerbiiliyhdistys
c/o Satu Karhumaa
Yo-kylä 72 A 1
20540 Turku , Finland
email:[email protected]
SRS - Swedish Rat Society
c/o Låtta Rydberg
Lysviksv.10: 1tr
S-123 42 Farsta, SWEDEN
Tel: 08-941316
E-mail:[email protected] (temp)
Finnish Fancy Rat Society
c/o Anu Rosti
Satamasaarentie 1 E 77
FIN-00980 Helsinki
email: [email protected] (Anneli Valkonen)
Tamraattans Vaenner
(Friends of fancy rats)
Eva Johansson
Upplandsgatan 97:2
S-113 44 Stockholm .
email:[email protected]
Svenska Musklubben (Swedish Mouseclub)
c/o Linda Sebek
S-733 73 Ransta, SWEDEN
E-mail:[email protected]
German Rat Society
Petra Tresbach
Beethovenstr. 64
D-60325 Frankfurt am main
Verein der Rattenliebhaber und züchter in Deutchland
Postfach 150324
D-60063 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
email:[email protected]

Rattenclub e.V. Berlin/Germany
c/o Christine Voß
Tegeler Str. 35, D- 13353
e-mail:[email protected]
(Christine Voß)

IRF - Internationale Ratten Fokkers/Fanclub
Zilkerduinweg 149
2191 AJ De Zilk, Holland
NSW Fancy Rat and Mouse Club
236 Kissing Point Rd, Dundas, NSW, 2117
email: [email protected]
Club der Rattenfreunde Schweiz
Birmensdorferstrasse 483
CH-8055 Zürich, SCHWEIZ
Club der Mäusefreunde CH
Nicole Stössel
Kohlhüttenstr. 4
6440 Brunnen
email: [email protected]
Nederlandse Muizenfokkers Club
Secretary: G. van Oosterhout
Muidertrekvaart AB 7
1398 PP Muiden, HOLLAND
Northern Rat Club
c/o Brian Hall
2 The Grove,
Bishop Auckland,
Co. Durham,
DL13 4HY
e-mail [email protected]
North of England Rat Society
E-mails to: [email protected]

Yorkshire Rat Club
E-mails to: [email protected]

Scottish Rat Club
E-mails to: [email protected]

Midlands Rat Club
E-mails to: [email protected]

Australian Fancy Rat Owners' Society
c/o Lisa Farall
275 Liberty Pde, Heidelberg West 3081, Australia
email: [email protected]
Australian National Mouse Club
P.O.Box 216
Ascot Vale
Victoria, 3032, AUSTRALIA
email: [email protected]
(Art Guindy)
WestOz Rat Fanciers
Perth, Western Australia
Social club for rats and people for the
purpose of having fun and encouraging
responsible rat ownership.
Contact via [email protected]
Australian Rat Fanciers Society
275 Liberty Pde, Heidelberg
West Vic 3081
email: [email protected]
New South Wales Fancy Rat and Mouse Club
9 Rustic Place
Woodcroft NSW 2767
email: [email protected]
Queensland Fancy Mouse and Rat Club
c/o Ms Marjory Small
Lot 3 Redland Bay Road
Carbrook QLD 4130, AUSTRALIA
Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service.
PO BOX 4248
Ringwood, Victoria
Australia 3134
E-mail: [email protected]
Australian National Rodent Association (Queensland Chapter)
PO box 2079
Toowong Q 4066
[email protected]
ANRA's Rat & Mouse Nest
AMRIS Rat and Mouse Online Chat Club.
email: [email protected]

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Other Rodent Clubs

The Gerbil Club of Missouri
email: [email protected] ( Luisa Profeta )
The British Hamster Association,
PO BOX 825
Gerbil Mailing list
[email protected]
subscribe gerbils
mail to [email protected]
Swedish Hamster Association
The UK Hamster Society
email: [email protected]
National Gerbil Society (UK)
c/o Jackie Roswell
373 Lynmouth Ave, Morden, Surrey
Tel: 0181 241 8942
email: [email protected]
Heart of England Hamster Club
Flordon, 24A Huntercombe Lane North, Taplow, Maidenhead, Berkshire
email: [email protected]
The National Hamster Council
P.O.Box 154
Rotherham,South Yorkshire
S66 OFL England
Tel: +44 01550 720127 - Peter Logsdail (chairman)
email: [email protected] (Peter Logsdail)
The South of England Hamster Club
25 Bulls Copse Lane, Horndean
Tel: +44 1705 594589
email: [email protected] (Rachel Cooper)
[Gerbils & rodents ]
Söntgerather Str. 27
53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid
email: [email protected]
Waikato Cavy Club (Guinea Pigs)
c/o Sharon Makin
20 Breckons Avenue, Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND
email: [email protected] (Karen Asquith)
Länsi-Suomen Kaniharrastajat (rabbit hobbyers of Western Finland)
c/o Jaana-Kaisa Kekki
Satamakatu 1 A as 1
SF-26100 Rauma, Finland
Suomen Hamsteriyhdistys (Finish hamsterclub)
Päivi Eerola
Leenankuja 2 H 82
FIN - 02230 Espoo, FINLAND
Tel: 90-8034760
email: [email protected]
Suomen Jyrsijäliitto
(Finnish national rodentclub)
Petri Airasvirta
Vahhalinnankuja 7 F 108
Tel: +358-0-336 098
email: [email protected]
Suomen Kaniyhdistys (Finnish Rabbit Society)
Heli Koskinen
Puusepänkuja 7 A 19
Tel: +358-422-305 825
email: [email protected]
Suomen Lemmikkichinchillat
(Finnish pet-chinchillas)
c/o Mari Järvinen
Soukankaari 13 G 80
SF-02360 ESPOO, Finland
Tel: + 358-0-8011 889

Rabbit and Rodent Fanciers Connection
121, Lancaster Road
Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 5QJ
email: [email protected]

Suomen Marsuyhdistys
(Finnish Guinea Pig Society)
c/o Iina Merjankari
Kulorastaantie 3 S 138
SF-01450 Vantaa, Finland
Tel: 040 5025929 (mobile phone)
email: [email protected]
Suomen Mongolian Gerbiiliyhdistys
(Finnish Mongolian Gerbil Society)
Pia Mäkelä
Lintukorventie 2 B 23/4
email: [email protected]
Nordiska föreningen för Sällskapschinchilla
c/o Kenneth Lindholm, Villavägen 14 Aretuna
S-743 91 Storvreta, Sweden
Svenska Gerbilföreningen/Swedish Gerbilsociety
Gyllbyvägen 4
S-74842 Örbyhus, Sweden
Tel: (-46-(0)295-101 01), Fax: (-46-(0)295-102 23)
homepage: http://home1.swipnet.se/~w-13694
NEW HOMEPAGE: http://gerbilclub.com

email: [email protected] (Susanne Karlsson)
NEW EMAIL: [email protected] or [email protected]

Svenska Hamsterföreningen
(Hamsters, Gerbils)
c/o Agneta Lönnquist, Vitmåravagen 9
S-194 60 Upplands Väsby, Sweden
email: [email protected]
Svenska Marsvinsföreningen (Guinea Pigs)
c/o Gudrun Westman, Solskensg. 38,
Ödåkra, Sweden
Svenska Smådjursklubben
(all rodents & rabbits)
c/o Cecilia Muotka, Torggatan 8F
S-980 60 Korpilombolo, Sweden
email: [email protected] (C.Moutka)
Sydsveriges Smådjursvänner
Maria Olsson, Bragegatan 13
S-24465 Furulund, SWEDEN
Tel: (+46 -(0)46-733459)
email: [email protected]

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