Cracked aquariums are cheap, but where do I get a lid?

Various "terrarium" lids are available in pet shops, but they tend to be expensive and vulnerable to gnawing. Tom liked to make his own lids. Tom cut a piece of plywood or particleboard to size on table saw. Then Tom makes plunge cuts on table saw to take out center, leaving 2 inches all around. Then Tom cut 1/2x1 wire fabric and staple-gun it on. Tom liked to cut wire fabric with heavy diagonal cutters, and trim with aviation snips. The snips leave a smoother cut. Wire wheel if necessary, but solid 'steel' wheels are safer.
Where rats chew on lids, I have found that habenro hot sauce or juice tends to cause most rats to not chew on the item, but shouldn't be used on the food dish or they might avoid their food..:)
Four Paws ([email protected])makes a good aquarium lid for about $10_just make sure you get the heavy wire instead of the fine as the rats _will_ chew through the fine wire.

(added 6-96) I made lids from 1/2 inch square wire mesh. Cut a rectangular piece that is 4 inches wider and 4 inches longer than the aquarium. Bend the sides so that two inches hangs down on all sides of the aquarium and bend the corners so they are reasonably square. Run steel shipping tape all the way around the aquarium (top, side, bottom, side), overlap the ends, and put a small bolt through the ends. This keeps the rats from pushing the top off. IMHO, this is simpler and cheaper than wood and wire.