I want a pet fancy rat!!
Where do I find a rodent breeder in my area?

I am working on a list of links to breeders. If you breed fancy rats or any other rodents, send email to *** New email adress for updates: To be announced.*** with your URL of your page and I will add it to the breeders list I am working on. PLEASE note the state and country you are in, willingness to ship/or refusal to ship, quality (pets/show/breeders/feeders) breeds of rodents you breed (mice, rats, gerbils, etc.) and Rattery/Lab/Farm name.

Rodent Breeders List (Pets, Show, Breeder Animals & Feeder Rodents)

(Webmaster not responsible for quality of breeders or animals listed and is not interested in the politics thereof. I am only providing a free website listing for rodent breeders as a service for those with an interest in fancy rats or other rodents)