Rodent Rescue and/or Adoption Services

Name Species Shipping State/Country
Blanckley Rattery R - Capacity 50 - Only small Rescue no Couty Durham, North East England
Debbie and Warren
Any, including
? 81, Suez Road,
01223 513959
Nooki's Nest (email) R In MI only Grand Haven, MI Pt
Myomorpha Illinois Rat & Mouse Rescue & Breeding R/M Might DuPage County IL. USA (near Chicago) Pt
Perfect Pets Rodent Rescue
pocket pets no Tecumseh, Oklahoma USA Pt
Pocket Stuffers Pocket Pet Rescue Any 'pocket' pets. No Colorado/USA Pt
Project Wildlife
(Rehab only! No adoptions!)
Wildlife rehab only! Wild Rat, mice, gopher, vole, mole, etc. N/A San Diego, CA USA N/A
Rodents N/A Online Service N/A
Rattie Rascals Rescue &
R/M/G1 No Mebane, NC, USA Pt
Rizz Ratz Rattery R Local MI / USA Pt
RMCA (Colorado Chapter) Any N/A Colorado Pt
RMCA (Southwest Chapter)/Rat Association of Texas
R No Texas Pt
Rodent Rescue UK
Rescue all rodents and wildlife.
Specialise in exotics eg,jirds(shaws)
and degus.rehome and rehab.
Helpline 24 hours
Will rescue anywhere in uk.
RSPCA inspected
No 10,Haggers Close,Melbourn,Cambridgeshire,
England SG8 6HY
tel:01763 262274
fax:01763 221612
Diane Weikal R Might San Francisco, CA Pt/FeL

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