National Alternative Pet Association
Volunteer Staff

Program Manager
(questions concerning the website, corrections to listings)

Site has been sold. New Owner will update this.

Rescue Group/Shelter Advisors
(questions concerning how to start a rescue group, shelter or how to find one close to you)

James Cochran of Misty Valley Hedgehogs & Rescue
Small Exotics, Birds and Reptiles (Network Coordinator)

Leann Montgomery
Small to Medium Exotic Cats

Public Relations - Media Contacts
(news services, TV, radio, etc.)

Kendra Lester

(I do not answer questions concerning WHERE to buy animals. Check the breeders listings for that. NAPA does not adopt animals at this time, nor have we any to adopt out. NAPA is an information service, not a shelter or rescue group. There are listings provided for them elsewhere on the site. News services should email the media contacts, not the webmaster or program manager. )

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